"Stories Told"

Photographs by Julie Strom
February 5 - April 6, 2003

Julie Strom

Julie Strom earned her BA from Luther in 1993 and currently works at the College as a publications assistant and teaching associate in art. She has also worked as a freelance photographer since 1995, and frequently provides photographs for the "Luther Alumni Magazine" and "Agora." She regularly serves as a judge for 4-H photo competitions at several county fairs in northeast Iowa, and also conducts photography workshops and classes for state and local 4-H camps. She is a regular participant in art faculty shows at the College, the "Live on Winnebago" celebration in Decorah, and the Northeast Iowa Studios Tour. In 2000 she was featured in a solo show at the Iowa Conference United Church office.

Artist's Statement

"Stories Told" presents 19 small black and white photographs of hands. The show was inspired by a single impulsive photograph taken a few years earlier. "I began to think it would be interesting to photograph people's hands doing things. I wanted to photograph people I know, doing something that represents some part of them to me. The photographs shown here are just the beginning of what I see becoming a larger collection. My goal is to get you started looking at hands - your's, family's, and friend's. We are all so different and use our hands in such different ways. I have intentionally chosen not to title the photographs in this show. I am hoping that you will find an image that reminds you of a friend or family member and how they have affected your life. If this happens, I have succeeded."

-Julie Strom

photographs by Julie Strom February 5 - April 6, 2003