Registering Your Child

Enrollment in the Friends Organization is open throughout the year, but applications submitted by September 20th are preferred. Submitting an enrollment form prior to the end of September greatly helps with the student/child pairing process. Typically, the first group event is held in October, and student/child pairings are compiled throughout the month of September.  Therefore, submitting an enrollment form before the end of September each year is recommended.

Every year, parents/guardians must resubmit an enrollment form to the Friends Organization. Even if a child has previously participated in the program, a new enrollment form must be completed for each academic year. When re-submitting an enrollment form, parents/guardians are encouraged to specify the Luther friend their child was previously paired with. Because the Friends Organization works to build long-lasting relationships, retaining the same student/child pairing for multiple years is one of our group's primary goals.

To register your child in the Friends Organization, please click on the link below. The link will open a PDF of the Friends Enrollment Form, which you can complete and send to Jeff Wettach, at 700 College Drive, Decorah, IA 52101.