Study Abroad

All language majors, minors, and others who plan to use French skills professionally are strongly urged to study abroad during their undergraduate years. The college is affiliated with the Institute of European Studies, a leader among study-abroad programs for American undergraduates. Under this program students spend a semester or a full academic year at a foreign university and receive credit at Luther. This intensive foreign study usually occurs during the junior year. For students interested in French, the institute has permanent centers in Paris, Nantes, and Dijon, France.

Other overseas experiences are available during Luther's January term, with offerings such as Mass Media and Politics in France, Germany, and Austria; January in and around Paris; and the Commerce and Culture of Europe. France Today: Society and Culture was a recent course which included special concerts and home stays in France.

Language Immersion Experience

For majors, a minimum of one semester of study in a country where French is an official language. For minors, at least one January term of study in such a country, although a semester is strongly recommended. Those preparing to teach must spend at least one semester of study in such a country. Program selection must be approved by the department for all majors and minors. Visit the Center for Global Learning web page to learn more.

After having fulfilled the study abroad requirement, all majors who are enrolled taking on campus courses for at least one semester are required to complete a 3- or 4-hour course in French. Consult with department for details on petition procedure for alternative ways of satisfying this requirement. All minors are strongly urged to help maintain and advance their language skills by completing courses in the language during their final semesters at Luther.