Internship Stories

Sidney Larsen

Sidney Larsen with her dental associates. When: Summer 2016
Where: Cabinet Dentaire SOS Dentiste in Lome, Togo

Major: French

Sidney spent her summer in Togo, interning as a dental assistant at the Cabinet Dentaire SOS Dentiste. Her duties involved general daily procedures such as teeth cleanings, and she even got to occasionally pull teeth and administer anesthesia. Throughout the process, Sidney learned the tools of the dental trade—including the French names for dental instruments, as much of her internship was in French! The experience was most rewarding when dentists began relying on her to assist them without instruction. Sidney now hopes to move to Togo upon graduation from dental school.

Jordan Boge

Jordan BogeWhen: Summer 2016
Where: Connection Events, Montréal, Canada
Major: Communication Studies and French

Over the summer, Jordan had the opportunity to intern at Connection Events in Montréal, Canada that organizes international business conferences related to visual effects, animation, and gaming. He was able to talk with and get advice from some of the top animation and visual effects artists in the world. Jordan’s language proficiency grew, as his entire internship was in French. Language barrier aside, he loved the city of Montréal and made valuable connections he will use after Luther. Jordan’s dream has always been to work in the animation industry, and after this internship, he is even more motivated to achieve his goal of working at Pixar!

Kyla Grau

Kyla Grau poses at the Eiffel TowerWhen: January 2016
Where: Le Grand Théâtre de Tours, Tours, France
Majors: Music and French

Kyla spent the month of January at Le Grand Théâtre de Tours, an opera house in France: the perfect setting for a music and French major. During this time, she was able to work with stage managers, technicians, and performers. Since she collaborated with so many people, Kyla found that communication skills were very important. She was surprised by how comfortable she became with French after hearing and speaking it all day. By the end of the internship, she felt confident in the language and was able to take the initiative necessary to be a successful employee. The most rewarding part of working at an opera house was opening night, when Kyla was given the best seat in the house and finally got to see her hard work and passions for French and music come to life.

Christine Morrow

Christine Morrow '16 interns at a hospital in FranceWhen: January 2014
Where: l'Hôtel Dieu, Pont l'Abbé, France; Centre Hospitalier de Cornouaille, Quimper, France
Major: Nursing

Christine Morrow spent one month observing in hospitals in France. She spent time in l'Hôtel Dieu, Pont l'Abbé, as well as at the Centre Hospitalier de Cornouaille. Despite the limitations due to language and medical barriers, she was able to serve the hospitals in numerous ways. Some days included leading daily patient activities and teaching them about American and Breton culture. Other days she shadowed nurses, checking vitals and blood sugar levels. Christine enjoyed the rewarding experience because of the many lessons that she learned about French and American approaches to healthcare. She also gained confidence in her French speaking skills, especially with medical vocabulary. As a result, she hopes to take her nursing career abroad in the future.