Sculptures by Charles Smith
Curated by Katie Mathis (‘15)
January 6 – February 12, 2015
Kristen Wigley-Fleming Fine Arts Gallery, Center for the Art

This exhibition, curated by Katie Mathis ’15 as part of her Senior Project in Art History, consists of six sculptures created by contemporary folk artist, Dr. Charles Smith. All of the pieces in the show are currently a part of the Luther College Fine Arts Collection.

In 2001, the Kohler Foundation of Sheboygan, Wisconsin, purchased over 448 of Smith’s knee-high, figurative sculptures in order to restore and preserve them for future generations. Since this time, the Kohler Foundation has gifted many of these sculptures to over nineteen institutions across the United States, including the Lanesboro Arts Center in Lanesboro, MN. In 2014, the Lanesboro Arts Center gifted these six sculptures to the Luther College Fine Arts Collection.

For more information on this show, please visit it's the Luther College Galleries Website