A History of Galerie Maeght Represented in Print

by Various Artists
Curated by Jill Hess ('15)
Spring 2015
3rd Floor Preus Library/2nd Floor Center for the Arts

This exhibition was curated by Jill Hess as part of her Senior Project for Art, focused extensively on the Galerie Maeght and the artists that were connected to it. All of the pieces in the show are a part of the Luther College Fine Arts Collection.

A Note from the Curator

"Amie Maeght opened Galerie Maeght in Paris in 1946, with the goal of promoting, collecting, and dealing art for the up-and-coming artists of the modern movement. For each exhibition at the gallery, Maeght’s print studio, Editions Maeght, produced promotional posters. Olaf J. Fosso, an alumnus of Luther College, collected many of these posters, which date from 1950 to about 1966. His widow donated his collection to Luther College in 1971. These posters are an important part of modern art history as they represent the work of well-known artists active in Europe during the post-World War II era. Their artwork is transcribed into a form that makes it accessible to many people. Until now, the Fosso Collection has not been comprehensively studied. I aim to give an understanding of its importance to the context of 20th-century art history, and to give further clarity to its position in the Luther College Fine Arts Collection."

-Jill Hess

2015 A History of Galerie Maeght Represented in Print