"Who’s Playin’ Who"

Curated by Ian Carstens (‘14)
January 20 – February 20, 2014
Center for Faith and Life

"Who's Playin' Who," is an exhibit of photography, painting and mixed media art. The exhibit, based on the theme of Luther's 11th annual Black History Symposium, "Sport, Media and Race," is curated by Ian Carstens, a Luther senior from Dubuque, Iowa. The exhibition contains works created by Luther students Brian Nnaoji, Jenna McGee, Jacob Leroy Smith and Ian Carstens, along with a group of photographs selected by Carstens from the Luther Photo Bureau file of images. Two works by Decorah artist Tom Sheppard are also on display.These individuals offer their unique perspective on how certain groups and individuals benefit or are exploited and/or controlled by the intersections of sports, media and race..

As Carstens' senior honors project, the exhibition is a visual dialogue showing his curiosity toward the different intersections that exist within contemporary American culture. It examines how sports, race and media apply to the understandings of embodiment, personhood, representation, exploitation, institutional structures and a term Carstens calls "spectacalization," the process of becoming used or turned into a spectacle.

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2013-2014 Who’s Playin’ Who