Student Curated Exhibitions

The Fine Arts Collection frequently works with students who are interested in curating shows on campus. For more information on this process, please email Dr. Kate Elliott to discuss student curating projects.

Recent Exhibitions Curated by Luther Students


Anna Johnson (‘16) and Paige Harne (‘15) - The Little Show (featuring "Square Stories" as part of Lise Kildegaard's Jones Professorship project), 1st Floor Preus Library


Anna Johnson (‘16) - Alumni Reunion Artists in the Luther Fine Arts Collection, Display Case, Center for the Arts

Jill Hess (‘15) - A History of Galerie Maeght Represented in Print, 3rd Floor Preus Library/2nd Floor Center for the Arts

Katie Mathis (‘15) - Inside/Out: Sculptures by Charles Smith, Kristen Wigley-Fleming Fine Arts Gallery, Center for the Arts

ART 362: 19th Century Art History Students - Luther College, Jens Jensen, and the American Landscape, Preus Library


Jacob Clausen ('15) - Alumni Reunion Show, Preus Library

Aaron Zauner (‘14) and Hans Becklin (‘14) - Gerhard Marcks, Woodcuts from the Fine Arts Collection, Preus Library

Ian Carstens (‘14) - Who’s Playin’ Who, Center for Faith and Life

ART 262: American Art History Students - We the People, Preus Library 


ART 362: 19th Century Art History Students - The Barbizon School: An Invented France, Preus Library


Clara Bergan ('13) - Propaganda of The Great Patriotic War, Preus Library