Marguerite Wildenhain Collection

This collection consists of pre-Colombian pottery pieces donated from Marguerite Wildenhain's collection after her death in California in 1985. Marguerite Wildenhain was a significant donor to the Luther College Fine Arts Collection. She has also donated 51 pieces of her own pottery, 37 of her drawings, along with 145 drawings and woodcuts by Gerhard Marcks, her mentor and life-long friend from the Bauhaus. In 1985, after her death, 8 Gerhard Marcks bronze sculptures were also bequeathed to Luther College. In addition to works of art, Wildenhain donated a collection of rare books which was added to the Luther College Library, and a mineral collection that was accessioned into the College’s Geology Collection.

Biography of Marguerite Wildenhain

Biography of Gerhard Marcks

Marguerite Wildenhain Works in Luther Fine Arts Collection

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