Henri Friedlaender Collection

Henri Friedlaender donated the works in this collection to Luther College after Luther Professor Ruth Kath traveled to Israel in 1989 to interview Friedlaender. They talked for more than eighteen hours and developed a lasting friendship that extended to the college. Friedlaender donated several works to the Fine Arts Collection including four oil paintings, four etchings and a woodcut by Frans Wildenhain; an oil painting by Charles Crodel; and two crayon sketches by his sister, Marguerite Wildenhain. Later he donated a porcelain cup and saucer designed by Marguerite Wildenhain as a prototype for a German airlines beverage service. Although the airline never adopted the prototype, it was reproduced in 2000 by the Meissen manufacturing company as a gift for guests during the opening of the intercontinental runway at the Leipzig/Halle Airport on March 24, 2000.

Biography of Frans Wildenhain

Biography of Marguerite Wildenhain