Elwin and Helen Farwell Collection

Gifted from Elwin D. Farwell, former president of Luther College, and his wife, Helen Farwell, this collection includes traditional and contemporary art works, as well as works that represent diverse cultures and traditions. The collection is comprised of watercolor and oil paintings; prints, including lithographs, etchings, and woodcuts; ceramics; and fiber art objects. The collection includes four portraits of the Farwells. There are three oil paintings by Paul Running, two of Elwin Farwell and one of Helen Farwell, along with one photographic portrait by Harland Nasvik of Elwin Farwell. One of the oil paintings by Paul Running, which depicts Elwin Farwell, hangs permanently in the foyer of the residence hall, Farwell Hall, while the portrait of Helen Farwell is installed in the Helen Farwell Lounge in the same building.

Information on Elwin and Helen Farwell (pdf)