• Douglas A. Eckheart, “View Toward Sattre”

    LFAC # 2015.07.01

  • Derrik Gagliardi, “Dunning's Spring”

    LFAC # 2016.02.01

  • Xi Nan, “Breakout”

    LFAC # 2016.09.01

  • Eugène Ciceri ,“Un Orage au dessus de Fontainebleau”

    LFAC # 2012.09.26

  • Orville Running, “Ferry Slip”

    LFAC# 2012.08.02

Fine Arts Collection

The Luther College Fine Arts Collection is supervised by Curator, Kate Elliott, with assistance from Gallery Coordinator, David Kamm. Numbering over 1,600 works, the Collection contains art dating from ca. 500 BCE to the present with a focus on art produced in the 20th century. While many of the artists represented in the Collection originated from the upper Midwest, exemplified by Orville Running, many notable works were created by artists outside that area. Collection concentrations include works by California potter, Marguerite Wildenhain; German Expressionist, Gerhard Marcks; and New York artist, Frans Wildenhain. Norwegian-American art, principally represented by the artist Herbjørn Gausta; pre-Colombian pottery; and Inuit sculptures are also prominent elements of the Fine Arts Collection.

For information regarding right to publish or reproduce images from the Fine Arts Collection, please contact Dr. Kate Elliott.