Student Holds

What is a Hold?

A hold is also called a block or a restriction.  A hold will stop a student from registering if they fail to meet an obligation to Luther College.  These will also stop a student from receiving an official transcript or diploma until they are resolved.  These obligations are necessary to protect you and the campus as a whole.

There are six offices on campus that can place a hold.

How do I know if I have a Hold?

You will receive e-mail communication from the office that has placed the hold with information on what you need to do. 

You can also see your holds on  Holds will show as a notification like this:

Norsehub Hold Icon


Financial Services Holds

The Office for Financial Services will place a hold on a student's registration if they

  • Have a current balance due of $1,000.00 or more
  • Need to complete the Student Statement of Financial Responsibility on under Forms
  • Need to pay an enrollment deposit (if you haven't already)
  • Need to speak with the Manager of Student Accounts (typically in regards to your Social Security Number)

Students are notified monthly if they have a balance due with Luther College.  We will also email if we are missing your social security number.  Luther College is required to document our efforts to maintain complete records for IRS reporting on Tuition and Qualified Expenses.  Financial Services does not share information about undocumented students with any agency.

The Office for Financial Services is located on the first floor of Main.  For more information about your Financial Services holds, email [email protected] or call (563) 387-1015

Financial Aid Holds

The Financial Aid Office will put a hold on a student’s registration when they are missing documentation needed to finalize their financial aid file.  Students are notified at least monthly via email if they are missing documents and are directed to to determine what documents are needed.  Many Luther forms are located on the Financial Aid website and can be accessed through a link in Norse Hub. Once all documentation is received by the Financial Aid Office and determined to be complete, the registration hold will be removed.

The Financial Aid Office is located on the ground floor in Main.  For more information about your Financial Aid hold, email [email protected] or call (563) 387-1018

Advisor Holds

Students are required to meet with their academic advisor to discuss near- and long-term course plans prior to each fall, January and spring registration session. An advisor hold is placed on every student's record prior to each fall, January and spring registration session to assure the meeting is held. The hold can only be removed by the advisor once the meeting has taken place.  Questions about the advisor hold should be directed to the advisor.

Student Employment Holds

The Student Employment Office will put a student’s registration on hold if they have worked on campus without completing the proper work forms.  Students are notified at least monthly via email if they are missing documents and are directed to to determine what documents are needed.  If an I-9 is missing, the student must bring proper identification with them to the Financial Aid Office in order to complete the form and have the registration hold removed.

The Student Employment Office is located in Financial Aid on the ground floor in Main.  For more information about your Student Employment hold, email [email protected] or call (563) 387-1072. 

Health Services

A Health Service administrative hold means that Health Service is missing important health information required by Luther College. This would include submission of the completed Student Health Evaluation Form by August 1st. The form requires a completed comprehensive college entrance physical within the year, proof of completed immunization history including those immunizations required for entrance into Luther, signed consent for treatment, and a completed health history. Please come in and we can help facilitate this process as well as provide any needed services (physical exams and immunizations) to release a hold.

Health Services is located in the Larsen Courtyard.

Student Life

A Student Life Administrative hold means that you may have a student conduct piece that needs resolution or a case manager would like to speak with you about your support plan before returning to a residential academic environment.

Please contact the Student Life Office at 563-387-1020 or [email protected] to inquire further.