Music Lessons

Applied Lessons
    Includes Music 130, 230, 330, 360, 430, and THE-130
    1/2 hour lesson per week (1 credit hour)
    1 hour lesson per week (2 credit hours)

Group (Class) Lessons
    Includes Music 115, 116, and 117
    Fee is refunded if dropped by the last day to drop a class.

Music Lesson Waivers

Starting with the incoming class in the Fall of 2020:

  • First year students who take a two-credit lesson (one sixty-minute lesson per week) will have the fee for the second credit waived. (One waiver per student per semester.)
  • Sophomore and upperclassmen who have declared Music or Music Education majors will have the fee waived for one credit of lessons per semester.

Click to view the cost of applied music lessons and the schedule used to compute charges when lesson credits are dropped.

2021 Fall Music Lessons

2022 Spring Music Lessons

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