Extra Credit Hours 2020 - 2021

Extra Credit Hours Charge  $803.50  per credit hour  

2020-21 dates to drop a course are as follows:

September 2020 All courses 09/03/2020
Fall 2020 Q1 Courses 10/06/2020
  Q2 Courses 12/03/2020
Spring 2021 Semester Courses 02/12/2021
  1st Seven-Week Courses 02/03/2021
  2nd Seven-Week Courses  03/29/2021

An extra credit hours fee ($803.50 per credit hour) is charged for each hour in excess of 36 credit hours.  Extra credit hours are determined based on the total number of credit hours a student has registered for in the academic year which includes the fall, January, and spring terms, including the transfer credits earned in Luther off-campus study programs.

Luther Off-Campus Study Programs Include

  • Malta and the Mediterranean
  • Nottingham Year program
  • Lutheran Colleges China Consortium in Hangzhou
  • Münster Semester
  • ACM programs
  • Washington Consortium
  • Rochester Hub and Nursing Programs

Credit hours for dropped courses are excluded from this calculation.  (Check schedule above for specific dates).  Also excluded from the extra hours calculation are credit hours for applied music lessons, class music or piano lessons, vocal coaching, INTS-130, the first HP-100, and the first ES-110 Skills course. 

The extra credit hours calculation does, however, include courses that receive a withdrawal (“W”), incomplete (“I”) or credit/no credit (“CR/NC”) grade, with the exception of senior projects.  Senior projects are included in the extra credit hour calculation only if that course receives an A-F, incomplete (“I”), or credit/no credit (“CR/NC”) grade.