2019 - 20 Fee Schedule

An important aspect of the Comprehensive fee is out-of-pocket cost. You can find more answers with Financial Aid on their page.  Additional information about certain fees is located below the table as well.

  Semester Full Year
Tuition $21,750 $43,500
Technology Fee $185 $370
Health and Wellness Fee $100 $200
Co-Curricular Activity Fee (CAF)- Waiver available $115 $230
Full Board $2,600 $5,200
Room: (Full Board Required)    
     Super Single $3,100 $6,200
     Single Room $2,930 $5,860
     Double Room $2,280 $4,560
     Quad/Triple $2,105 $4,210
     Apartment (w/o kitchen) $2,280 $4,560
Room: (Full Board NOT Required)    
     Baker Village $3,175 $6,350
     Prairie House – Double $2,715 $5,430
     Sustainability – Double $2,715 $5,430
     Prairie House – Single $3,175 $6,350
     Sustainability – Single $3,175 $6,350
     Apartment with kitchen $2,715 $5,430

Additional Fees and Information

Lifetime Academic Transcript Fee $75
Commencement Fee $30
Tuition per credit hour $1,554
Audit Fee $200
Itinerant Fee $440
Enrollment Deposit $300
Rochester Year Fee, Nursing $540
Extra Credit Hour $777
Music Lesson  
     Applied (Private) Lesson- 30 min.
     Group (Class) Lesson $225
Ensemble Fee $20
Special Examination Fee $50
Late Fee $100
Parking Fee  
     General Student Parking $210
     Commuters $190
     Jewel Barn Lot $110


January Term

J-term is a tuition, room, and board free term. There is no charge for January Term tuition as long as a student is a full-time, degree-seeking student paying the full-time tuition charge either fall semester or spring semester. There is no charge for January Term room as long as the student lives in the residence hall for the entire fall or spring semester. There is no charge for January Term board as long as the student participates in a full board plan for the entire fall or spring semester.

Technology Fee $370

The Technology Fee provides and enhances access to a wide variety of technologies supporting curricular and residential life for all Luther students. Access to Internet bandwidth, web-based resources, academic computing labs and software, multimedia equipment, and services to support these technologies are all supported through this fee. All students enrolled in 6 or more credit hours will be charged the technology fee, except for itinerant students and high school students enrolled under the postsecondary options act.

Co-curricular Activities Fee (CAF) $230

The CAF is charged to all full-time students, including those registered for off-campus programs. Payment of this fee entitles students to free or reduced admission to events sponsored by the Student Activities Council and by the Campus Programming Office. Students not wishing to participate in this program must complete a CAF decline form and return it to the Office for Financial Services by August 10, in order to have this fee canceled. For more information about the CAF.

Health and Wellness Fee $200

Supports access to a range of prevention, outreach, and education programs and resources that support student well-being. This fee supports increased staffing in the Counseling Service and Wellness Program, access to online therapy resources, new mindfulness spaces on campus, limited no-cost flu shots, and new programs and resources that focus on prevention initiatives around mental health, physical health, healthy relationships, and substance abuse.

Lifetime Transcript Fee $75

The Lifetime Transcript Fee allows for lifetime academic transcripts at no additional charge.  This one-time fee is assessed to all students the first semester of their first year at Luther.  For more information, see Requesting Transcripts.

Commencement Fee $30

The Commencement Fee covers the cost of commencement-related services and resources, including cap, gown and diploma cover. This one-time fee is assessed to all students the first semester of their first year at Luther.

Itinerant Fee $440

The Itinerant Fee is charged to students participating in off-campus programs not conducted by Luther College.

Rochester Nursing Fee $540

The Rochester Nursing Fee is for the junior year only and is used to cover additional costs of the on-site nursing program such as: additional classroom and office space, Luther faculty traveling back and forth to the program, and Rochester nursing faculty costs.

Special Examination Fee $50 per course

A mature student may obtain credit in a subject in which he or she has attained mastery through intensive private study or experience by comprehensive examination. Each academic department is responsible for establishing eligibility requirements for the examinations and for administering them. Credit by examination is available for most courses offered on campus but the student should discuss the course requirements with the department head.

Special Course Fees Varies Varies

A limited number of courses charge an additional fee. For specific courses and amounts see the schedule of course offerings published for each term.

The college reserves the right to increase with due notice its student charges should economic conditions necessitate an additional charge. The college also reserves the right to withhold transcript of record, certification of graduation, and/or certification of credits until all college obligations have been fully settled