1098-T Frequently Asked Questions

This explains why you are receiving a 1098-T and what you should do with the 1098-T.

In the following questions, “you” or “your” refers to the student.

Please note if you (or your spouse) were a nonresident alien for any part of 2017 and the nonresident alien did not elect to be treated as a resident alien, you are not eligible for the education credits.

What is the 1098-T?  The 1098-T will assist with determining what tax credit, if any, you or your parent(s) may claim on your 2017 tax return for the Hope Scholarship Credit or the Lifetime Learning Credit.

What should I do with the 1098-T?  If you will be listed as a dependent on your parent(s) 2017 tax return, you should give the 1098-T to your parent(s).  If you will claim yourself as a tax exemption, you should use it when you complete your own 2017 tax return.

What are eligible qualified tuition and related expenses? Eligible qualified tuition and related expenses include full-time tuition, part-time tuition, lifetime academic transcript fee, private and class music lessons, extra credit hour charges, technology fee, and Rochester clinical fee.

What are eligible scholarships or grants? Eligible scholarships or grants include financial aid processed by Luther, not including loans, prepaid tuition, stipends, and work-study.

Why is there no amount in Box 1? Luther is not required to report an amount in Box 1.  Please use your statement of account to determine your payments.

How can I get a copy of the 2017 transactions on my student receivable? Access your statement of account by going to http://my.luther.edu/, logging in using your user ID and Norse Key, and selecting the Students menu. Then select Web Statement of Account. Be sure to change the beginning statement date to June 1, 2016 so you can view all the 2017 calendar year transactions.

How can I print or email my web statement of account? Click on the web statement of account help screen for information about printing or emailing of the statement of account.

What if I lose my 1098T? Access your 1098T by going to http://my.luther.edu/, logging in using your user ID and Norse Key, and selecting the Students menu. Then select View My 1098-T Information.

What if I am no longer enrolled at Luther and have forgotten my Norse Key? Contact the Luther helpdesk by calling 563.387.1000. Staff will be available to assist you between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Can my parent access my 1098-T? If your parent has parent portal rights to view financial information AND you have consented to receive your form electronically, your parent can access the 1098-T.

Where can I get additional information? Ask for assistance from your tax preparer; he or she is best qualified to properly respond to your tax questions. You may also refer to IRS Publication 970, Tax Benefits for Higher Education, and Publication 520, Scholarships and Fellowships, which are available from the IRS Web site at www.irs.gov or by calling 1.800.TAX.FORM.