Purchasing and Payment

Note: Some Forms can now be filled out on-line, but must be printed and mailed to our office.

Please contact the Office for Financial Services with any questions.

External Purchasing- Policies & Procedures

External Purchasing Forms (pdf) 

Internal Purchasing Policies and Procedures

Internal Purchasing Forms (pdf)


Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to issue a check? Allow 5 working days for processing. To avoid delays, submit original detailed receipts with your request. We process checks on Wednesdays but need your payment voucher by Tuesday.

Why was my travel reimbursement smaller than expected? If alcoholic beverages or Iowa sales tax were included, your reimbursement was reduced by those amounts.

What needs to be included with a request for payment of a stipend or an honorarium? The payee's social security number, payee's home address, and documentation of the financial terms of the payment agreement should be included with the request so Luther can comply with IRS 1099 requirements. If the honorarium is being requested for a foreign visitor, special IRS rules apply to the payment. Please contact Ann Casper (ext. 1697) if you intend to request a payment for a foreign visitor.

How do I get a Luther commercial credit card? Employees who do regular purchasing can complete the above application and submit it to financial services. The application requires approval from a budget center director and a vice-president. 

What do I do when I am having trouble logging onto SDOL and/or using my commercial card?  Call Mary Logsdon (ext. 1534) or Roberto Coral (ext. 2104) immediately. Most problems can be resolved in a few minutes over the phone.

Luther is exempt from paying sales tax, how can I avoid paying sales tax? Contact Financial Services (ext. 1015). They will provide you information about the states and types of purchases for which Luther is exempt as well as how to avoid payment. They can also provide a certificate to a specific vendor when necessary.

By what date do I have to complete my expense allocations on SDOL? Cardholders will have 5 business days after the end of a billing cycle to complete expense allocations on SDOL. Cardholders will receive an email reminder from Mary Logsdon that contains the specific allocation due date at the end of every billing cycle in which they used their cards.

How do I sign up for my Accounts Payable payments to be deposited directly into my bank account?  You can sign up automatically using norsehub.luther.edu. The appropriate link is titled 'Direct Deposit (for non-payroll checks)' and it is located in the Financial Information section of the Employees menu.

How can I see transaction history for my on campus charges? To view your on campus charges, both personal and departmental, go to norsecard.luther.edu. You can log in with your NorseKey and password. Transaction history for the month or the year is available for your personal account and any departmental accounts you manage. Please contact the ITS Helpdesk (x1000) with questions.