Employee Spotlight

Ann Pitz is the current Employee Spotlight.

The Employee Spotlight award began during the summer of 2011. Winners are chosen by popular vote among all Facilities Services employees for their hard work and dedication. Previous winners include:

Melanie Malila (May-June 2019)

Bruce Frieden (March-April 2019)

Julia Hageman (January-February 2019)

Peggy Landsom (November-December 2018)

Megan Sherman (September-October 2018)

Cindy Blue (July-August 2018)

Chris Thompson (May-June 2018)

Randy Caddell (March-April 2018)

Myron Rediske (January-February 2018)

Kathy Euans (November-December 2017)

Larry Moen (September-October 2017)

Bob Strong  (July-August 2017)

Rick Rasmussen (April-June 2017)

Craig Rocksvold (January-March 2017)

Shelly Glock (October-December 2016)

Barbara Hammel (July-September 2016)

Kevin Werges (April-June 2016)

Linda Jennings (January-March 2016)

Mary Teslow (October-December 2015)

Melanie Malila (July-September 2015)

Steve Busta (April-June 2015)

Aaron Nordheim (January-March 2015)

Steve Kurash (October-December 2014)

Larry Johnson (July-September 2014)

George Hamilton (April-June 2014)

Trudy Barnes (January-March 2014)

Perry Halse (October-December 2013)

Jerome Hayek (July-September 2013)

Jill Frana (April-June 2013)

Paul Frana (January-March 2013)

Craig Rocksvold (October-December 2012)

Cindy Blue (July-September 2012)

Barbara Hammel (April-June 2012)

Terry Ollendieck (January-March 2012)

Lyle Barth (October-December 2011)

Elmer Hanson (July-September 2011)

Ann Pitz