Luther College Model United Nations (LCMUN)

The Luther Model United Nations (MUN) team has a strong commitment toward creating awareness on political, economic, social, and humanitarian issues that affect the entire global community.

Each year, the MUN team is assigned a country where 8-14 students represent Luther in a delegation. Students are broken up into a wide variety of committees, ranging from Disarmament and International Security, Food and Agricultural, Economic and Financial, to Social Humanitarian and Cultural. Each committee has their own respective topics to which they perform in-depth research on from the perspective of their country's delegation.

Each year, Luther students emulate the legislative processes of the United Nations at a conference hosted by the American Model United Nations (AMUN) in Chicago, IL. Along the way, students will learn not only about their assigned country and that committee, but international law, parliamentary procedure, public speaking, diplomacy and compromise, and ever increasing importance of global citizenry.

This year's executive board includes:

President: Geoffrey Dyck

Vice-President: Nazario Dos Santos

Secretary/Treasurer: Anders Nyberg

Fundraising Chair: Josie Bellrichard

Luther's assigned country this year is Algeria. Students will be representing Luther in the following committees:

General Assembly Plenary  

  • Kai Storvick 
  • Nazario Dos Santos

General Assembly First Committee - Disarmament and International Security

  • Minh Nguyen
  • William Douglas

General Assembly Second Committee - Economic and Financial

  • Ismail Hamid
  • Nate Den

General Assembly Third Committee - Social, Humanitarian, and Cultural

  • Emma Johnson
  • Kahri Nestingen

World Summit on the Information Society

  • Anders Nyberg
  • Cayla Loy

Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons

  • Geoffrey Dyck

Food and Agriculture Organization

  • Elsa Manning
  • Cecilia Ocheng

International Press Delegation

  • Josie Bellrichard

International Court of Justice

  • Maxwell Eness


For more information, please contact the team at: [email protected]