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Guest Lecture: Devorah Shubowitz, "Disability as expertise: The need for integrating disabilities studies into rehabilitation profession."

  • Date: Thursday, February 20, 2020
  • Time: 4:15 pm
  • Location: Franklin W. Olin Building, Room 102

This lecture will introduce the audience to the need for critical rehabilitation research and rights-based rehabilitation in the professionalization of rehabilitation service providers for a more holistic, collaborative, and just approach to disability.  Providing examples from two decades of experiences as a physical therapist trained in the medical model and the development of disability studies in relation to rehabilitation, I will demonstrate why multiple perspectives on disability and the stand point and expertise of disabled populations are necessary for determining practices and procedures for rehabilitation professionals working with different bodies and ways of functioning to support the dignity and autonomy of all people.

Devorah Shubowitz (Department of Education Physical Therapist, Social Cultural Anthropology Ph.D.) has worked as a physical therapist for twenty years in different settings including a hospital, rehab center, public and non-profit schools, orthopedic clinics, sensory gyms, and early intervention home-based care in New York City, Minneapolis, and Jerusalem.  In 2017, she received a Ph.D. in social-cultural anthropology at Indiana University. She is currently working toward interdisciplinary professionalization and practice of physical therapy and other rehabilitation professions.  This entails engaging social cultural frameworks and experiences of disability, collaborations with disability studies and advocacy communities, and collaborative PT knowledge production with people who seek and are referred to PT care and service.

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