Academic Year 2014-15

Tom Morris

Chairman of the Morris Institute for Values

    Tom Morris holds a Ph. D in philosophy and religious studies from Yale University. He served for 15 years as a professor of philosophy at the University of Notre Dame, where he quickly where he quickly became one of the school’s most popular teachers. He is now chairman of the Morris Institute for Human Values. His audiences have included such organizations as Toyota, IBM, Coca Cola, Target Stores, Prudential, and the American heart Association and he has contributed to such news sources at CNN, NBC, and the New York Times. He presented four lectures. Two of which were titled “Becoming a Successful Human Being: A philosophical Perspective on Fulfillment and Achievement” and “The Art of Change: Human Nature and Adaption in a World of Uncertainty”.

    Charlene Smith

    Social Activist

      Charlene Smith, a writer and writing coach, was born in South Africa. She was involved in that country’s underground resistance against apartheid and was a friend of Nelson Mandela for 23 years. An experienced trauma counselor for HIV, AIDS, and gender violence, Smith was instrumental in getting the Venters for Disease Control to research a protocol for post exposure prophylaxis after sexual assault. The protocol has prevented hundreds of thousands of people who have been raped from contracting HIV. Smith has been awarded for her writing, courageous journalism, and work concerning gender violence and HIV and AIDS. She lives in Wellesley Massachusetts. Her main lecture was titled “Every 26 Seconds a Woman Is Raped: Last Thursday Was My Turn”.