Off-Campus Studies

Students study Environmental Studies abroad in Italy (2015-2016)

Students interested in environmental studies often combine that interest with their desire to have an off-campus experience. Studying off campus can enable students to study the environment from the perspective of another culture or in a different natural setting. A study-away experience can also give students the opportunity to take courses that are not offered at Luther. 

Semester Programs

Two of Luther's semester-long study away programs are particularly well-suited to students interested in Environmental Studies. The Earth and Environment in Italy program is focused on field-based learning in Earth science. During Luther's Washington Semester, students complete four-day-a-week internships, which can be directly tailored to a student's interest, for example in environmental policy or environmental non-profit work. Detailed information on these and other semester-long study away  opportunities can be found at the Center for Global Learning.

January Term Courses

Luther offers a wide range of January Term experiences each year and a number have include significant focus on the environment. Recent January term offerings that are approved Environmental Studies courses include: