Classes are open to all students interested in learning more about the beauty and diversity of our natural world. Each week students participate in two courses designed to engage them in hands-on, discovery-oriented learning about their environment. Courses are divided by age level. Drop-off for Discovery Camps is from 8:30–9:00 a.m. Monday through Friday, behind the Olin Building on the Luther Campus, and pick up is from 3:30–4:00 p.m. Kindernature runs from 9:00 - 11:00 am each day, drop off and pick up behind the Red Barn on the Luther Campus.

Each year provides new and diverse classes in all of our camps. Topics run the gamut from wilderness ecology, ornithology, entomology, geology, nature art, awareness, team building skills and so much more! Knowledgeable instructors provide diverse learning experiences that are guaranteed fun and educational for all! Our focus camps are designed to concentrate on specific concepts and ideas related to human needs and our environment.

A new partnership with Winneshiek County Conservation will add to existing programming to get kids outside, having fun, and learning about the wonders of the natural world.

Early Bird (EB) Pricing: REGISTER BEFORE APRIL 15th

Wild Wonderers -FULL

Entering Grade 1: June 4 - 5 $105 EB: $90
Entering Grade 2: June 6 - 8 $115 EB: $105

Welcome to the wild world of wonder! Little ones are filled with such excitement about the natural world, and they carry with them a spirit of discovery! This camp is designed with this sense of discovery and excitement in mind. Campers will spend time learning and exploring the natural world through adventure hikes, nature games, crafts, and plenty of hands-on exploration activities related to plants, animals, geology, and beginning wilderness awareness. 

Adventurers -FULL

Grades 3–6: June 11-15
$170 EB: $160

Dig in the dirt, investigate interesting places, spy on bugs, crawl through grass, open your eyes, venture forth, explore the water, and rediscover roots. Campers will spend each week learning and exploring the beauty and diversity of our natural world. Topics vary each week, but all provide a general ecology focus. Students will hike, canoe, play adventure games, and explore the natural areas of northeast Iowa!
For students entering 5th and 6th grade, there will be an optional camp out.

Survival Camp -FULL

 Grades 7 – 9: June 18 - 22

Shelter, water, food, fire and fun! Learn basic survival techniques, wilderness awareness, and try your hand at staying in the wild. Students will learn how to make natural cordage, build primitive shelters, find “wild” food, and build primitive fires. Learn how survival teaches us about our connection to the earth. Camp includes a Thursday overnight camp out. Limited enrollment of 14 campers.

Pathfinders -FULL

Entering Grades 5 - 7: June 25 - 29

Outdoor recreation is a fantastic way to connect to nature, a great form of exercise, and a whole lot of fun! This camp will explore all sorts of outdoor recreation options, ranging from biking, geocaching, fishing, canoeing, hiking, birding and more! Campers will develop skills and discovery hobbies they can use throughout their whole lives, and will have a blast doing it. Thursday night, camp-out. 

Kindernature -FULL

Entering Pre-K: June 18-22 $75 EB: $65

Introduce your curious pre-schooler to the wonders of nature. Hands-on exploration in the out-of-doors through games, crafts, guided exploration and discovery! Your child will learn about plants and animals while building confidence, balance and entertaining their curious nature!