Among the Winners

Sarah Rickertson won first place and a prize of $300 in the category of Creative Work Connected to the conference theme at the awards banquet concluding the annual convention of Sigma Tau Delta, the International English Honor Society, meeting in Minneapolis March 2016.

In earlier years, 

Maia Elgin ('09), from LaCrosse,WI, won the $500 first prize award for the best original poetry presented at the convention. She was competing against 132 others in this award category.

Catherine Docken ('09), from St. Paul, MN, won $150 for placing third among critical essays on American Literature and Film for her paper, “Guys Gone Girls Gone Wild,” in which she compared the films Some Like It Hot and Tootsie. [Catherine is now a CRM Coordinator at Luther College.]

Laura Fuller ('10) won a Sigma Tau Delta Junior Scholarship of $1,500 to be applied towards her senior year as an English major at Luther. [Laura is currently a Visiting Instructor in English at Luther College.]

Sarah Schultz ('06) was awarded the P.C. Somerville Award for Future Teachers ($2500). [Sarah is now a language arts teacher in the Linn-Marr Community School District in Marion, IA.]

Erika Strandjord ('06)'s essay “Green” won the $100 prize for best essay on convention theme. Erika also won the Senior Scholarship ($2500). [Erika is currently an Assistant Professor of English at Concordia College, Moorhead.]


After presenting their work at Sigma Tau Delta Conventions, the following students were published in Sigma Tau Delta journals:

Kristine Wietecha ('12). “Emelye’s Objectified Characterization: A Study of Gender Characterization in Chaucer’s ‘The Knight’s Tale.’” The Sigma Tau Delta Review 9 (2012): 64-69. Print. [Kristi now teaches English at the Pine Island School District, Pine Island, MN.]

Lauren Nielsen ('13). “Perception.” The Sigma Tau Delta Rectangle: Journal of Creative Writing (2013).

Ashley Widmark ('08). “How to Grieve” [poem]. Sigma Tau Delta online journal Paradigm.