Life After Luther Events

The English Department cares about how our majors choose to spend their lives after Luther. We help students find internships to give them exposure to professional work and to help them learn career skills. Each year we host an event in which our graduates talk about their life after Luther, their job search, and how they have found fulfilling work. They also share how their liberal arts education—in particular, their English major—has helped them live rich and rewarding lives. In recent years the event has begun in the afternoon with conversation tables at which individual alumni meet with small groups of students. The event concludes with a catered dinner and an after-dinner speech by a graduate in mid-career. Many students and alumni have said they find this format both useful and fun.  

This February (2017) our event was titled “Life After Luther: The First Five Years Out.” More than 20 English majors and minors joined six alumni for small group conversations about finding a career path after Luther. The six alumni discussed their various work experiences in communications, teaching, non-profit work, journalism, and web design. The after-dinner speech was given by Libby Caulum (’02), Director of Communications and Media Relations for the Minnesota Department of Revenue. Libby described her own career path after graduating from Luther and the value of her English major.

"The most important insight I gained from speaking with the alumni was that there is no straightforward path to a rewarding career after Luther. Luther English graduates are doing some amazing things, and there is plenty of time to make my own way in the world just as they did."—Sam Schultz ‘17

"The career event pointed out many career paths I had never considered before. It showed me that an English major is valuable in a wide spectrum of job markets."—Kelli Emerson ‘19