Sample Deadlines for Research and Secondary Education Projects

By the end of the 2nd week (about Sept 10 in Fall; about February 10 in Spring)

  • Consult with advisor about departmental expectations and your general writing plan.
  • Attend library research session, if announced, on MLA electronic bibliography and other specialized bibliographic resources.
  • For the 2-credit option, the student must submit the project description to the department head for approval in the semester prior to undertaking the senior project (for example, at the time of registration).

By the 6th week (mid-October in Fall; mid-March in Spring), meet with your advisor to discuss the progress you have made, which may include one or more of the following:

  • A written research plan that includes your research questions and how you plan to limit your topic.
  • A research bibliography which lists most of the sources that you will be using and any interlibrary loan orders.
  • Research notes, including bibliographical information.
  • The start of your draft on your paper, even if your ideas are not fully formed.

By the 8th week (late October in Fall; late March in Spring)

  • Bring to your advisor a significant portion of your work, which may be anywhere from a half to a full draft of your research paper (8 or more pages for 1-credit senior project, 12 or more pages for a 2-credit project). You may also wish to develop a paper outline.
  • This is the time to talk over with your advisor any problems you are having with the paper, either with locating sources or developing your topic.

By the 10th week -- 2 weeks to go! (mid-November in Fall; mid-April in Spring) – Meet with your advisor to discuss a complete draft that includes both citations and a complete bibliography. A complete draft for a 1-credit project is 15 or more pages; for a 2-credit project, 25 or more pages.

  • English Department faculty consider this the crucial stage in your project’s development, since students who do not seek help at this stage often write less than successful papers. Only with a complete (though perhaps still rough) draft can advisors give their best response and guidance. You should begin revising immediately after your conference.

Final due date, typically in the 12th week (often the Tuesday before Thanksgiving in the Fall; often the second Wednesday in May in the Spring)

  • Turn in two copies of your project to Bonnie Johnson, Administrative Assistant, Main 126 by 4:00 pm. This is an absolute deadline.
  • Your paper will be read by your senior project advisor and a second reader selected by the department. The department faculty meets as a whole to discuss papers and establish final grades. After this department meeting, you may wish to discuss your final paper with your advisor and/or your second reader.

Oral presentation, the last Wednesday of the semester, 4:00 pm in Main classrooms. See Senior Projects>Oral Presentation.