Information for Secondary Education English Majors

For English Majors pursuing the teaching track (English major + Secondary Education minor)

Luther College directly certifies students for teaching in the State of Iowa. The Luther program is updated regularly to insure that it meets current state requirements and that students can acquire an Iowa license at the completion of their college academic program. We encourage students to apply for the Iowa license, even though they may be planning to teach in another state and will acquire a second state license. 

Requirements for teaching licensure are always changing. Luther attempts to keep up with the changes in our neighboring states, but cannot be responsible for reporting new official requirements. Students should consult the education department website of their chosen state for all current information regarding licensure.

The following, however, are important advisories for students planning to teach out of Iowa. Students seeking licensure in one of these states should plan their Luther programs accordingly.

Minnesota teachers should take the following, in addition to their major and minor programs:

  • COMS132 – Public Address
  • ENG211 – Writing for Media
  • MTLE standardized tests.  

Wisconsin teachers will need to demonstrate coursework in the following area:

  • History of Native Americans of Wisconsin – This can be arranged through ED221, The Diverse and Exceptional Learner. Please discuss this option with your instructor.
  • PPST and Praxis II exams.

Illinois teachers need to take the following test for licensure:

Note: All English-education students should meet with Jennifer Olufsen, Teacher Certification Officer (Koren 115), as soon as they can, to get information and updates.