Testing Information: Teacher Education Program

Entrance to the TEP & Completion of the TEP

All Luther students must complete the Iowa testing requirements to be considered a program “completer” and therefore eligible for licensure in any state.

Entrance Test Requirements: Application to TEP

Test for Completion and Licensure

Praxis II Pedagogy Tests

Praxis II Content Knowledge Tests

Access the Praxis II (ets.org) Site

Praxis II Tests & Teacher Licensure

edTPA: A Substitute for the Praxis Pedagogy Test

Upcoming ETS Testing Dates at Luther College:

Oct. 12, 2019
Nov. 9, 2019
Dec. 7, 2019
Jan. 11, 2020
Feb. 8, 2020

Luther TEP “Completer”

“Completers” of our TEP qualify for an Iowa teaching license and will find it easier to get a teaching license in another state. 

States grant a “provisional license” to all new teachers. If the state licensure requirements include coursework not required by the Luther TEP, as a “completer” of our TEP and with a provisional license in that state, often you will have one to two years to complete those additional requirements.