Testing Information: Teacher Education Program

Entrance to the TEP & Completion of the TEP

All Luther students must complete the Iowa testing requirements to be considered a program “completer” and therefore eligible for licensure in any state.

Entrance Test Requirements: Application to TEP

Test for Completion and Licensure

Praxis II Pedagogy Tests

Praxis II Content Knowledge Tests

Access the Praxis II (ets.org) Site

Praxis II Tests & Teacher Licensure

edTPA: A Substitute for the Praxis Pedagogy Test

Upcoming ETS Testing Dates at Luther College:

Feb. 16, 2019
March 16, 2019
April 13, 2019
May 4, 2019

Luther TEP “Completer”

“Completers” of our TEP qualify for an Iowa teaching license and will find it easier to get a teaching license in another state. 

States grant a “provisional license” to all new teachers. If the state licensure requirements include coursework not required by the Luther TEP, as a “completer” of our TEP and with a provisional license in that state, often you will have one to two years to complete those additional requirements.