Portfolio System (Chalk & Wire)

Luther College Education Department PORTFOLIO SYSTEM (Chalk & Wire)
Candidates Provide Evidence of Their Growth-Over-Time

During your first 200-level Education class, you will be provided information about the purchase of Chalk & Wire ($125), the platform for the Portfolio System.
This is a required purchase.


  • Make check payable to “Luther College”- $125
    Bring the check to Renee Gunderson in the Education Office.


Once you have purchased a subscription to Chalk & Wire, you will be given directions to “create” the TEP Portfolio: Demonstration of 2011 InTASC Standards.

ALL the information about the portfolio is found in the table of contents for TEP Portfolio: Demonstration of 2011 InTASC Standards.

Introductory Portfolio
During EDUCATION 220, 221, and your initial methods course (EDUC 222, 232, 252, or ART 222), students provide evidence of their understanding of the InTASC standards.

Developing Portfolio
In your primary methods classes, you will present evidence of your beginning application of the InTASC standards, what teachers know, understand, and are able to do.

Advanced Portfolio
During student teaching, you will provide evidence of the “readiness to teach.”