Portfolio System (Chalk & Wire)


(Chalk & Wire)


The purpose of the Luther College TEP Portfolio System is two-fold:

1)    To show growth over time with respect to the 2011 InTASC Standards

2)    To develop candidates' ability to "articulate good teaching," citing evidence to support their understanding and application what good teachers do.

The InTASC Standards were developed by the Chief State School Officers.  These standards are statement that describe what teachers need to know, understand, and be able to do.  Most states require their pre-service teachers to demonstrate application on of these standards as part of the expectations for licensure.

At Luther College, during your first 200-level Education course, you will be required to purchase a subscription to Chalk & Wire, the platform for your portfolios.  [This subscription is yours “for life.”  Graduates have used it for portfolios they are required to create as during their teaching career, including the edTPA portfolio.]  During that semester, you will be provided information about the purchase of Chalk & Wire ($125)


  • Payment with a check, payable to “Luther College”

Bring the check to Renee Gunderson in the Education Office.



The Introductory Portfolio includes evidence of the candidate’s understanding of the 2011 InTASC standards as he or she finishes the 200-level Education courses and looks toward the 300-level Education coursework, including methods.  The 200-level Education student begins to assimilate the use of the "academic language" associated with professional educators. 


The Developing Portfolio includes evidence of the candidate’s “beginning application” of the 2011 InTASC standards as he or she finishes the year of methods coursework and the J-term clinical experience and looks toward student teaching.  The candidate is developing his or her ability to use "academic language" to facilitate professional conversations of teaching and learning in his or her teaching area.

Artifact evidence for the Developing Portfolio most likely will come from methods classes and clinical experiences.  Most, if not all, artifacts should be from application experiences.

An increasing number of our candidates taking a performance assessment (e.g. edTPA) during student teaching or during their first year of teaching (with a provisional license).  Developing Portfolio is a significant opportunity to prepare candidates for performance assessments. 


The Advanced Portfolio is a collection of activities (artifacts) you choose as evidence you are ready to teach (to be “the” teacher): application level demonstration of the 2011 InTASC standards.  Your evidence comes from student teaching.

Your ability to use "academic language" to facilitate professional conversations of teaching and learning in your teaching area is important to the quality of your demonstration of “readiness to teach.” 

More information is available from your 200-level professors and within the Chalk & Wire portfolio system once you have purchased a subscription.