Course Planners

Be advised: You must be accepted in the Teacher Education Program before you may register for any 300 level Education Department course. Pay careful attention to Praxis test deadlines, and GPA minimum requirements. You need to have 80 S.H. outside of your major. Please update your major/minor information, adviser and intended graduation date with the Registrar. See your adviser for further planning.

Any changes or deviations from requirements must be documented with a written petition approved by the Education Department.

Education course 378 has an A and B component ~ You take the B component during your professional semester (student teaching).
Students may apply to the Teacher Education Program if:

  • they have passed the Praxis exam and the report is filed with the Education Department [READING 156; WRITING 162; MATH 150]
  • they have successfully completed EDUC 185/215
  • they have attained sophomore status (27 semester hours)
  • they have a 2.75 GPA overall**

Students apply to the professional semester a year before the semester in which they will student teach. Students will be reviewed the semester before student teaching by both their academic department and the Education Department. Students are required to meet the following minimum requirements:

  • 2.75 GPA** in their major except Math, Biology and Chemistry which is a 2.50 and Modern Languages which is 3.0
  • 2.75 GPA** in any education minors/endorsement areas
  • 2.75 GPA** in overall Luther College GPA

**All transfer courses to Luther College will be calculated into the GPAs for purposes of approval to the Department. 

Individual departments may have additional requirements for Teacher Education Program and Professional Semester approval.

Students must be approved by each teaching area and have passing scores on the Praxis exam to be fully approved to the Teacher Education Program. This test is given at Luther College five times a year. Students must have a passing score report in your Education Department file before your Student Teaching meeting.