Petition Need and Process Overview


Occasionally, it is necessary for a candidate to proceed in the TEP outside the regular protocol and/or expectations of the Luther College Teacher Education Program.  If warranted, there are procedures to make this possible.

  • Petitions are due the last Monday of each month, August through April.

  • Submitting a petition is not a guarantee the petition request will be granted.
  • Each petition must include the student’s contact information.
  • Completed petitions are submitted to Jennifer Olufsen, Koren 115.

Use the appropriate petition form.  See the links on this page.  The form makes clear the persons with whom you must discuss your petition before you may submit the petition.

  • Petition to take the first advanced methods course before acceptance in the TEP
  • Petition to proceed outside the regular protocol (other than the petition described above)

“To substitute a course for the specific course listed as required for licensure” does not require a regular petition.  It just needs to be documented the course fulfills the licensure expectations the listed required course fulfills.

It is important to understand most, if not all requirements, are in place due to the state of Iowa’s licensure requirements.  These requirements are necessary if the Luther College TEP is to be an accredited program.  Exceptions must not interfere with our accreditation.  Regular procedure is necessary to provide a holistic and appropriately sequential program.