Seeking a Wisconsin License as an Out-of-State Applicant?

People who fit this pathway profile have completed a state-approved educator preparation program at a regionally accredited institution of higher education headquartered outside Wisconsin. They have also completed the testing requirements of that state and are eligible for licensure in that state. Candidates should apply for the Wisconsin license that most closely matches their out-of-state license. Upon application, a review will be completed to determine comparability with Wisconsin preparation, testing, and statutory requirements.

If you fit this pathway profile:

  1. Determine the Wisconsin license that most closely matches the out-of-state license you hold and follow the steps identified there.
  2. Complete the Wisconsin testing requirements.
  3. Complete the Wisconsin statutory and administrative rule requirements. Learn about the most common stipulations at Common Wisconsin Stipulations for Out-of-State Applicants.
  4. Apply for a Wisconsin License using the ELO System.


All Applicants: 18 weeks student teaching [Fall or Spring semester + January term]

Students will need to take Native Americans from WI

[This can be accomplished with an option in EDUC 221 - ask your professor]

Note: Most Elementary endorsements without additional coursework and/or practica are not recognized outside Iowa.
WI does not have Reading below the graduate level of preparation.
Elementary majors should take Environmental Science as a life science option.
WI does not offer Reading as a special endorsement for persons seeking initial licensure.
It is advisable for Elementary majors to take an academic endorsement and the Middle School Learner and Middle School Methods course - or - take an Early Childhood endorsement.

WI does not appear to grant all Social Studies.

Students are granted licensure in the field in which the student majors.

Required Tests for Wisconsin Licensure

Wisconsin requires Praxis II content knowledge tests, but sometimes the particular test required is different from the test required for you to be a “completer” of Luther’s program. Look at Wisconsin’s required Praxis II numbers carefully. For more information on Wisconsin Licensure, visit the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction site.

  • In addition, Elementary “completers,” K-12 “completers,” and Secondary Education minors who are getting a special education endorsement must also take the Wisconsin Foundations of Reading Test.