Question from Minnesota's licensure website:
May a teacher who is highly qualified in another state be considered “highly qualified” in Minnesota?


Each State determines whether or not to consider the teacher from another State to be both ‘fully certified’ and having demonstrated adequate subject matter competence in each subject the teacher will teach.” Minnesota school districts may accept “highly qualified” verification from another state.

— ESEA Title II, Part A Non-Regulatory Guidance Revised Edition: August 2005, A-36

This means, with licensure from another state in hand, apply for licensure in Minnesota. Successfully complete the MTLE tests. Then you should be granted a provisional license and two years to meet the Minnesota requirements different from the other state’s requirements.


All MN Applicants: Requires MTLE testing at both the basic skills level and the content/pedagogy level. 
Note: Most Elementary endorsements without additional coursework and/or practica are not recognized outside Iowa.
MN does not have Reading below the graduate level of preparation.
Elementary ED Applicants: it is advisable for Luther Elementary majors to have a Reading endorsement to meet MN's increased reading requirements for Elementary ED licensure.
Elementary majors pursuing Middle School licensure should take an academic endorsement in Math, Science, Language Arts, or Social Studies (24 hours in the content area) and then have Reading in the Content Area, the Middle School Learner, and the Middle School Methods course.
English majors planning to teach 5-12 should also take Film Literacy and Public Address.
MN has given Luther students Social Studies 5-12, if the student has a major in a social science and then coursework across each of the other social sciences to include History, Political Science [American government], Sociology, Anthropology, Psychology, Geography, and Economics.

Minnesota Testing Requirements

Specific testing information, including registration, dates, testing sites, costs, etc., can be found on the Minnesota Teacher Licensure Examinations website.

Applicants prepared outside Minnesota

Beginning September 1, 2010, all teachers must take the MTLE tests. This includes the basic skills tests in Reading, Writing, and Mathematics, a pedagogy test consisting of two subtests, and the content knowledge subtests specific to the licensure field.