Initial License Application – Teacher Out of Colorado Preparation

For applicants who completed an out-of-state alternative teaching program:

You are required to submit an official signed letter from your State Department of Education confirming the completion of the state approved program and the program requirements for the alternative program you completed. Basic Requirements

With the verification that you have successfully completed the Luther TEP, an applicant for a Colorado teaching license must demonstrate he or she has demonstrated professional competencies in the subject areas by completing 24 semester hours of course credit as demonstrated through transcript evaluation, or passage of the Colorado State Board of Education-approved content assessment relevant to the area of endorsement sought.

  • Note: All elementary education teachers and special education generalists must pass the Colorado State Board of Education-approved elementary education content exam.

Colorado Testing Requirements

The Colorado Department of Education only accepts content knowledge tests administered by PLACE or Praxis II. PLACE was designed and developed for Colorado, whereas Praxis II is a nationwide test. 

Colorado accepts Praxis II tests in the following content areas: Audiology, Elementary Education, English Language Arts, Mathematics, School Psychologist, General Science, Social Studies, and Speech-Language Pathology.

Please check that the test for which you are registering is approved by the State of Colorado and accepted for the endorsement that you are seeking.

  • Praxis II [Be sure the number of the Praxis II test; that number may different from the Praxis II test required to complete our program.]

For more information on licensure in Colorado, visit the Colorado Department of Education site.