EDUC 366 - 5-12 Secondary Education Minor

EDUC-366: Advanced Teaching Methods: Secondary

Advanced study of secondary teaching methods for students seeking licensure in English, mathematics, science, and social science. Study of special methods used to teach the individual’s major subject area. Teaching methods and professional participation in one’s academic discipline will be covered, as well as inclusion of special education students in a regular classroom and applications of technology. As a part of the secondary education methods course sequence, the student observes and teaches small and large groups of students in a public/private school classroom in the discipline. During the three-week practicum, the student develops and teaches a unit to document planning, teaching, assessment, and reflection protocols.

Note: Taken during the January Term, this course would meet the January II general graduation requirement, and if placed in a middle school classroom would meet the clinical requirement for the middle school endorsement.

A. Admission to the Teacher Education Program (required before taking any courses at or above the 300-level)

  1. 2.75 minimum overall GPA.
  2. Pass the following courses with a minimum of a "C":
  3. Three recommendations from faculty (at least one from students' major field of study) and staff.
  4. Approval of the candidate by all program-area departments and the Education Department.
  5. Satisfactory completion of the introductory portfolio by set deadlines.