EDUC 361 - K-12 Music Education Major

EDUC-361: Clinical Experiences in Music Education

100-hour clinical practicum that follows Education 360. Student works under the direction of a cooperating teacher and plans, teaches, rehearses and reflects. Course objectives are formulated from the core competencies of the teacher education program and subject matter competencies in music education. Prerequisites: 217, 220, 360, admission to the teacher education program, MUSIC 250 (260, 265, 270, 275, 285 for instrumentalists) or consent of instructor.

Placement Application for J-term Methods Practicum

January Term 2019 Methods Practicum Application is now closed.


Below you will find the links and PDF downloads of the final evaluation. You may want to download a copy of the evaluation for discussion throughout the placement. At the end of the placement, your cooperating teacher will complete a final evaluation online using the link below.

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