EDUC 321 (Literacy) & EDUC 322 (Math) - K-6 Elem Education Major

EDUC-321: Clinical Experience II: Literacy in Elementary/Middle School

EDUC-322: Clinical Experience II: Mathematics in Elementary/Middle School

As a part of the elementary education methods course sequence, the student observes and teaches small and large groups of students in an elementary classroom. During the practicum the student develops and teaches a unit to document the planning, teaching, assessment, and reflection protocol.

Placement Application for J-term Methods Practicum

January Term 2019 Methods Practicum Application is now closed.


Below you will find the links and PDF downloads of the final evaluation. You may want to download a copy of the evaluation for discussion throughout the placement. At the end of the placement, your cooperating teacher will complete a final evaluation online using the link below.

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