On the basis of its accreditation by the Iowa Department of Education and the National Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE), Luther College can present its teaching candidates for licensure in states across the country and in many international schools.

Luther's success in the placement of teachers continues to be better than the national average. This success is due to our long and strong history in teacher preparation and the outstanding performance of teachers who are graduates of the program.

In addition, each year the Education Department and the Luther Career Center sends a Teacher Candidate Brochure to more than 4,000 school districts that presents our newest graduates who are seeking employment in teaching. The Career Center also assists students with resume and cover letter preparation as well as participating in domestic and international recruiting fairs.

  UNI Overseas Recruiting Fair

Here's how Luther education graduates are currently employed:

  • assistant development editor
  • athletic coach
  • community coordinator
  • counselor
  • education professor
  • educational administrator
  • educational admissions counselor
  • elementary teacher
  • English teacher
  • ESL teacher
  • foreign language teacher
  • kindergarten teacher
  • learning disabilities teacher
  • learning resource teacher
  • math teacher
  • media specialist
  • middle school ministry coordinator
  • middle school teacher
  • music teacher
  • preschool teacher
  • proprietor
  • reading teacher
  • school principal
  • science teacher
  • social service director
  • special education teacher
  • volunteer
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