J-term EDUC 185 & EDUC 215 Cooperating Teachers

Exploratory Practicum in Area Schools

This introductory practicum is early in the program so the student has the opportunity to “try on teaching.” In this practicum, the student works with one teacher during the January term.

The experience focuses on observation and reflection, and offers opportunities for beginning teaching practice. Students journal with their professors regularly during the practicum and meet in seminars on campus to share their experiences.

To the right you will find a PDF download of the final evaluation. You may want to download a copy of the evaluation for discussion throughout the placement. At the end of the placement, your final evaluation will be completed online using a link that will be emailed to you by Kristin Bigler.

All cooperating teachers a paid a stipend.  In order to process this payment Renee Gunderson needs to receive these two items:

1. Completed and signed W9 form.

2. Completed online evaluation.

Thank you for your continued support of Luther's Teacher Education Program.