Concentrated Methods Practicum

Maggie Homeier with Supervisor and Cooperating Teacher in Jacksonville, FL.

The methods practicum takes place during the January Term of your methods year. This is an opportunity for you to apply what you have learned in your fall methods courses in an actual K-12 classroom. You are able to take an active role in this practicum as you plan, teach, and assess a content unit to your learners in an assigned class. This practicum is an opportunity for you to mold your experience by choosing a grade level that you would like to experience and suggesting a school district literally anywhere in the United States. We work with you to develop experiences that are tailored to your professional goals.

Immerse Yourself

Unlike some education programs where the methods practicum is spread out over a semester, Luther’s unique teaching sequence allows you to experience a concentrated 3-week practicum in a school, thus allowing you to really immerse yourself in the work of teaching and reflecting on your effectiveness as a teacher.

Put Your Knowledge Into Practice

Unlike the exploratory practicum where you mostly observe and assist a classroom teacher, the three-week methods practicum requires you to develop and teach a unit. You will, quite literally, put your knowledge into practice during this real-world experience.

For more details about the methods practicum, visit the Methods Practicum page for current students.