Anna Helt '19

Anna Helt

Major: Elementary Education

Why did you choose to study education?

I chose elementary education because I think teaching is one of the most rewarding careers you can have! Both of my parents are teachers, so while I was growing up I learned a lot about teaching and how much of an impact teachers can make on students’ lives. I look forward to helping my students grow both personally and academically.

What makes Luther’s education major unique?

In my opinion, Luther’s education program stands out among other colleges because it’s one of only four in Iowa that has national accreditation. Because of this, the education program holds its students to high academic standards. Another factor that makes Luther’s program stand out is the Education 185 course. During January Term of your first year, you spend Monday to Thursday in an area school observing a classroom to determine whether teaching is the right career choice for you.

Describe the education faculty.

All of my professors care about how I’m doing in and out of class, are always available for questions, know each student personally, and are very passionate about what they do! My advisor has helped me decide on classes, in addition to making sure I’ll graduate on time and with everything I need. What I love the most about the faculty here is you can tell how much they really care about each of their students. All of my current and previous professors say hi and ask how I’m doing when I pass them on campus. I also love being able to drop by their offices and ask questions about class or just talk!

What experiences at Luther have been most valuable so far?

I’ve had so many great experiences at Luther so far, but my Scholar’s Colloquium class has been most beneficial. My peers and I were challenged during the course and I appreciated how I was encouraged to think differently than I normally would about many topics. In addition, my professor ended up being one of my favorites on campus. It was all around a great experience that helped me learn, grow, and adjust to college.

Have you studied abroad?

Not yet, but one of the many reasons I like the Luther education program is that you have the opportunity to do part of your student teaching abroad. Studying abroad was very important to me in my college search, and because of the rigor of most education programs it’s not possible to study abroad as an education major at most colleges. I plan to spend the first half of my student teaching abroad and look forward to experiencing a different culture!

Why did you chose a liberal arts education?

A liberal arts education has taught me about many subjects that I wouldn’t normally have gotten to learn about. I’ve been able to take classes like Handbuilding with Clay, Biblical Studies, and Spanish, all within my first year. My favorite part of a liberal arts education is the ability to discuss many different viewpoints of various topics, and challenge myself in the way I think. I know that being well-rounded will make me the best teacher I can be!

What do you like best about campus life at Luther?

I absolutely love the campus events! There are always concerts to watch, art exhibits to attend, sporting events to cheer at, and other fun activities! Student-led organizations always have activities going on as well. Campus life at Luther makes it easy to support your friends or experience something new!

Are you involved in any co-curriculars?

I’m in the oboe studio and play in Philharmonia. Being able to continue playing oboe without majoring or minoring in music was very important to me. I’m also involved in PALS, which is Luther’s mentoring program.

What is one class that you recommend all students take, regardless of major?

I would recommend that all students take Handbuilding with Clay. I never took an art class in high school, and when my advisor recommended this class I was a bit concerned. The professor who taught the course was awesome and I didn’t feel behind at all, even with art majors in the class! I met many people I normally wouldn’t have and made so many cool things in the process. This class wasn’t required for my major, but I’m so glad I challenged myself and learned a new skill!

My favorite way to be a leader on campus is by being a host for prospective students. I enjoy sharing our campus with hopeful future students and explaining why I love Luther so much!

—Anna Helt