Course Topics

NURS 471: Maternity Nursing: A Family-Centered Approach

The caring process with an emphasis on the nursing process is applied to the care of families with a focus on the childbearing phase, including normal and high risk patients. Teaching and health promotion are emphasized, along with client management skills.

CI 110: Medical Terminology

This course is designed to meet the needs of students anticipating careers in the health sciences. The course will focus on the origin and contemporary meaning of medical terms.

NURS 138: Human Sexuality

A study of the field of human sexuality. The origins of sex roles, myths, stereotypes, and realities of this important aspect of life will be presented. The complexity of the sociological, psychological, biological, and legal components of the sexual being will also be included.

PAID 450: Here on Earth

This course explores texts, including films, that reveal the interdependence between people and communities as we strive to nurture well-being on our planet Earth. Discussion will be framed by the concept of vocation and will draw on the experiences of local individuals who are committed to some form of social sustainability in their life's work. This exploration will lead to the question, "How can educated, morally serious people discern their roles in a global community?"