College Possible Ambassador

Goal: Support the College Possible program’s retention efforts.


1. Outreach:

  • Connect with Coaches/Coach Supervisor if an issue arises with a CP student
  • Help integrate CP students with other students and student groups in the LDC
  • Model healthy behavior for participants
  • Promote the use of campus resources, attending class, and asking for help, etc.

2. Programming:

  • Design materials for CP sponsored events and activities
  • Distribute information to participants and encourage event attendance
  • Help set-up and tear-down events, and support Coaches in running the events
  • Collect event data for specific CP events or participants
  • Send out event feedback forms when needed - compile data and send to Program Manager

3. Marketing:

  • Help at Admissions events with Coaches, Program Manager/other staff
  • Keep marketing materials up-to-date for Admissions events/needs
  • Stay connected with Admissions Diversity Intern about needs from Admissions

4. General Duties (All Ambassadors):

  • Keep a journal including conversation summaries, issues, and referrals, reactions/responses, takeaways and areas needing help.
  • Work with other Ambassadors to integrate groups.

 5. General Duties (All student workers):

  • Communicate accurate information about the LDC’s work
  • Work with a colleague to plan 2 events
  • Sign up for Popcorn Thursdays duty
  • Staff at least one Admissions Fair, teaming up with the Admissions Diversity Intern.
  • Attend at least 75% of LDC sponsored events
  • Table for LDC events
  • Be an advocate for other students (success and retention) communicate with LDC staff
  • Attend training sessions and monthly meetings
  • Provide excellent customer service
  • Keep information confidential
  • Schedule weekly check-ins with supervisor and performance appraisals every semester.
  • Complete and debrief the Intercultural Development Inventory


  • 2.0 GPA or higher
  • Have completed at least one semester at Luther
  • Live in campus housing
  • Good oral, written and organizational skills
  • Ability to work with individuals from different backgrounds
  • Must be available for August training period


  • Ability to learn or work in different design programs (Photoshop, Canva, etc)
  • Valid US driver’s license for two years by August 15
  • Certified to drive Luther vehicles by August 15 (must be 20 years of age to drive 12 passenger vans.

 Supervisor: Assistant Director