Student Organizations

Here is a listing of student organizations supported by CIES:

  • Asian Students and Allies Association, ASAA-(1983). An organization that celebrates Asian cultures, support members and allies throughout the college and Decorah community.
  • Believing & Achieving (2009) A partnership with Decorah’s elementary school to provide tutoring for students to ensure their success.
  • Black Student Union, BSU-(1968). An organization that supports students from Africa and the diaspora in their search for community and helps to ensure their persistence through graduation.
  • Beta Theta Omega, BTQ-(2002)A multicultural and multiracial women’s leadership group. In spite of its greek name, it is not a sorority.
  • International Students and Allies Association, ISAA-(1994). An organization that brings students together to share ideas, experiences and cultures with each other and the wider campus.
  • Latines Unides (2000) Began under the name Hispanic and Latino Student Association. Has gone through several name changes since its creation.
  • People for the Rights, Inclusion, and Diversity of Expression, PRIDE-(1984). Provides support for students who identify as LGBTQI. It began as early as 1975.
  • Zeta Tau Psi, ZTP-(2006) A multiracial, multiethnic fraternity.

CIES staff meet with group leaders at least twice per semester. The groups are viewed as partners and are included in program planning. The office also promotes their events, facilitates cross group collaborations and provide opportunities for leadership development.