Wintlett Taylor-Browne


In Jamaica, my entire career was in Education. I was a Social Studies teacher/professor at the secondary and tertiary levels then, a curriculum consultant, and author of textbooks. My sojourn in the US has continued my path in the Education field but this time in Student Affairs. Education found me while I was looking elsewhere for a career. I had no idea that my degrees in International Relations and Public Administration would take me on this exciting journey. Looking back over the life of my career, I am very satisfied with my choices and feel very blessed to have had the opportunities that came my way. Being a first generation student, I am keenly aware of the importance of education and I am passionate about helping students grow into their potential. When I am not helping students, I'm enjoying my four adorable grandchildren.

Michelle Boike

Associate Director

I used to tell prospective students that when choosing a college, every time they come back, they should feel like they are coming home. Like many other alumni, the decision to serve my alma mater was an easy one. As a Luther student, I studied English and Social Work while working in the Diversity Center. Through my work here, I decided to study Student Affairs and earned an additional Certificate in Social Justice at Iowa State University. I enjoy encouraging students to think of new ideas and using their interests to create meaningful experiences and connections with others. In my spare time, I enjoy dancing, reading, and making jewelry.

Kathy Ferrie

Administrative Assistant

In my shared positions with the Diversity Center and the International Admissions Office, I have the honor and privilege to get to know you as a prospective high school student and watch you mature into a successful college student.

Amy Webber

International Student Coordinator

I am the first to tell students that one never knows what you're going to be when you "grow up". As a student of biology and later outdoor education, it's somewhat surprising that I have worked as an international education professional for almost 20 years. The time I spend with international and multicultural students and the opportunities I have for personal travel and exploration create in me a desire to know and try to understand the many cultures we have represented at Luther. The educator side of me loves to help, teach, and empower students to take risks, to advocate for themselves, and to grow here at Luther and beyond. I especially love hearing from our alums about what they're now doing to make our world a better place.