Information for Students, Faculty, and Staff

The services offered by the Luther Diversity Center (LDC) provide opportunities for students to achieve their academic and developmental goals. The Center also works with the campus and Decorah community to understand and use strategies that foster diversity appreciation and develop cultural competence.

The LDC achieves the mission of Luther College by:

  • Providing programming around various diversity areas
  • Offering leadership opportunities for students and affiliated student groups
  • Facilitating campus wide diversity initiatives
  • Supporting faculty development initiatives
  • Collaborating with other departments on diversity projects
Students Column title
Lifeline Help students adjust, focus on achievement, hone college survival  skills, and appreciate students to help them thrive
Coach Give accurate information, appropriate feedback and explicit guidance in a comfortable setting; aids retention and success
Gateway Spread the benefits of diversity through programming with depth, breath and excellence, partnerships with purpose and commitment and student leadership, all to improve the campus experience for students
Hotline Initiate referrals, interventions and connections to meet student needs and remove barriers to learning
Advocate Promote fairness and equity for all students
Resource Provide accurate information on educational, leadership & job opportunities
Support Enhance Luther’s curriculum through teaching and departmental involvement
Leadership For campus wide diversity concerns
Resource Support professional development, classroom materials and presentations
Resource For professional development, conduct training in diversity issues, provide models