Luther College CIES Textbook Grant Request

The Luther College CIES Office and the Financial Aid Office collaborate to assist students with textbook grants from the Book Store. A signature from the CIES Staff is required for this form to be valid. 

You are eligible to receive this grant if you have not received one previously. Each grant is for one time only. If you received a “transition grant” and you are a first-year student, you are not eligible for this grant during your first year.


  1. Go online and prints a list of all requested books and all prices (rent, new, used) and attach to this request form. Funds are limited so each grant will be up to $250.00.
  2. Complete your portion of this form and take form and booklist to the financial aid office. The director or her nominee will verify if you qualify. Once you are approved return to the CIES office with all documents for a signature
  3. Take completed form and list to the Book Shop