The Asian Students Association and Allies

Mission Statement

Asian Student and Allies Association (ASAA) at Luther College is a student organization interested in establishing an organization for the celebration of the Asians’ cultures, the support of fellow members and advocacy of Asians and Allies throughout the college and Decorah community. Since 2008, the organization has been actively welcoming students of all ethnic backgrounds who would like to promote the purposes of the organization.


  • To celebrate and promote the traditions of our diverse Asian cultures among the Luther and Decorah communities.
  • To provide mutual support among members, who identify as having Asian background/heritage or being interested in Asian cultures.
  • To encourage Asian students’ involvement in the Luther community and to facilities the integration of Asian students with the wider American society.
  • To discuss and uphold the understanding of Asian cultures from multiple approaches.

President: Phuong Anh Hoang ('20)

  • Call and preside over all meetings, including special meetings.
  • Represent the organization to the Administration, other campus organizations, and to the community Assembly.
  • Conduct all official correspondence of the Association.
  • Be responsible for program planning.
  • Ensure that the duties of the other officers and members are carried out.

Major: Accounting and Mathematics/ Statistics
Other Involvements: ISAA

Treasurer: Sai Oo Hseng Ngin ('20)

  • Keep the financial records and handle financial transactions.
  • Take care of any necessary transportation.
  • Perform such other related duties as the President Delegates.

Major: Business Management
Other Involvement: ISAA, Entrepreneurship Club


ASAA does not have a fixed meeting schedule every week, but rather focuses more on holding small, cozy events aiming to discuss various aspects of Asian cultures.

Hosted Events
Mid-autumn Festival (Harvest moon Festival)

  • Celebrated in late September or early October, depending on the year (This year we celebrated it on October 3rd)
  • It is an annual festival on August 15th according to the Lunar calendar, featuring moon cakes, traditional lanterns and games, etc.  

Fundraising and Charity Events are usually held in March, as springtime approaches. Fundraising activities may include selling bubble tea, egg rolls, dumplings and Gyoza.

Activities during International Education Week in November

  • Ethnic Arts Performance
  • Photo Exhibition - Asian students at Luther College

Also coming up later this year

  • Korean Fire Spicy Noodles challenge    
  • Asian Horror Movie night     
ASAA president Phuong Hoang ('20)