What is PRIDE? by Filiberto Lopez ‘19

Mission Statement: PRIDE promotes principles concerning the fair treatment of persons in society regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity or Gender expression. We are dedicated to providing a network of support for LGBTQIA+ persons on campus and in the community. Pride is a safe space for anyone and everyone.

President; Filiberto Lopez                                                                                            
Preferred Pronouns: He/ Him/ His
Major: Business Management & Communication Studies Major
Other involvement(s) on campus: LC^3, Rugby, Student Senate (communications), Student Activities Council/ Homecoming

Vice-President Matthew Espey                                                                                 
Preferred Pronouns: He/ Him/ His
Major: Theatre
Other involvement(s) on campus: SPIN Theatre, Collegiate

Secretary; Wyatt Anians                                                                                               
Preferred Pronouns: He/ Him/ His
Major: Psychology major/Music minor
Other involvement(s) on campus; Student Senate, L^3

Treasurer: Nam Nguyen                                                                                               
Preferred Pronouns: He/ Him/ His
Major: Communication Studies, Art Minor
Other involvement(s) on campus: KWLC+

Community Liaison: Neve Heimer- Lang                                                                
Preferred Pronouns: She/ Her/ Hers
Major: Psychology
Other involvement(s) on campus: Grand Pals, NASA, Brandt RA

Topics for The Year

These are just some of the topics that we will be covering over the course of the year.

  • The True Psychology Behind being Raised by Same-Sex Parents
  • Androgyny
  • Coming out of the Closest - possible story time
  • Being a Flamingo in a Crowd of Pigeons - Dating in a Heteronormative World.
  • Pink - Why is color gendered?
  • Look at possible political action and rallies.
  • Femininity in the LGBTQIA+ community
  • Differences between sexuality and romanticism
  • The Stonewall Riots
  • The Coming out Experience
  • Transgender life

PRIDE Events

LGBTQIA+ Welcome Reception: Kicking of the Academic year. For all LGBTQIA+ students, faculty, staff and allied individuals are invited to network, make friends, and build alliance. 

Oct 25, 2017 Halloween Movie Night: Showing of Rocky Horror Picture Show, with snacks. Because Halloween would be incomplete without it!

Oct 28, 2017 Beyoncé Appreciation Night: Both Pride and BSU collaborate to bring the magic of Lip-Syncing, appreciating the legacy of one artist each year.

February 16-18, 2018 MBLGTACC: is an annual conference held to connect, educate, and empower LGBTQIA+ college students, faculty, and staff around the Midwest and beyond. It has attracted thoughtful advocates and leaders including Angela Davis, Robyn Ochs, Janet Mock, Laverne Cox, Kate Bornstein, Faisal Alam, and LZ Granderson; and entertainers and artists including RuPaul, Todrick Hall, Margaret Cho, J Mase III, Chely Wright, and Loren Cameron.

To date, MBLGTACC is the largest and oldest continuously-held LGBTQIA+ college conference in the nation. And it is entirely and proudly student-run.

Drag Show: Many drag shows feature performers singing or lip-synching to songs while performing a pre-planned pantomime, or dancing. The performers often don elaborate costumes and makeup, and sometimes dress to imitate various famous opposite sex singers or personalities.

Student Involvement

Students will have the opportunity to attend any of the events free, excluding the annual conference (MBLGTACC). If students must apply if they would like to be a part of this conference. Our meetings are formatted as follows, we have two informative meetings per month and two socials per month. Students can hold an informative meeting on any topic of their choosing, with the approval of PRIDE’s executive board. As for our socials, we have fun activities planned out such as movie night, Gay Jeopardy, community events and so on.